NEW Pioneer DJM-S7 Adds Bluetooth + More!

It’s officially Believe In Music Week (virtual NAMM) which means your favorite brands will be showcasing and releasing new musical toys to tinker with. Pioneer kicks off the week with the first major DJ related equipment drop with the brand new Pioneer DJM-S7. Upon first glance, it looks just like it’s older sibling, the Pioneer DJM-S9, but under the hood you will find several upgrades.

The Pioneer DJM-S7 is compatible with Serato and Rekordbox DJ softwares which give you a slew of functionality via software FXs and independent pad modes. Some features that stand out are the two USB-A inputs that allow you to connect CDJs in HID mode. The S7 comes equipped with a Bluetooth input that allows you to play music from any Bluetooth capable device, directly to your mixer. This is probably my favorite upgrade as it gives you a fail-safe incase your computer crashes and opens the door to a new level of creativity.

A 2nd layer of pre-assigned MIDI mappings include Key +/-, censor and the ability to mute a deck with the click of a button. Loop MIDI is a powerful new feature that allows you to send a constant MIDI signal to a given rhythm. You can activate almost any sound, FX, or feature to a beat. Upgraded Magvel Fader Pro’s should keep your cuts as tight and features such as the Scratch Bank mode (Serato only) will streamline your performance.

Pioneer took a similar approach as Rane by offering the DJM-S7 as a powerful yet more simplistic version of their respective 2-channel flagship battle mixers, the DJM-S11 and Rane Seventy-Two MKII. The DJM-S7 is certainly an upgrade to the DJM-S9 with several new features. The S7 will be available at the end of January and will cost you $1399. Pioneer has certainly given S9 loyalists the upgrade they were looking for.

As mentioned at the start of this article, it is Believe in Music week so you can expect some of the most talented DJs in the world to show off Pioneer’s latest mixer. The virtual events on the schedule above are all free when you register for Believe In Music Week.

My only gripe with the S7 is that I don’t understand the naming of this iteration, shouldn’t it be the S10? Are you excited for Pioneer’s latest mixer!? Let me know in the comments

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