In Brazil, dance music has been on the rise for years. It can now be heard on the streets and on the radio, and in an increasing number of clubs around the country. New labels and producers continue to emerge and the scene is healthier than ever. Helping make that so is Sirena, a club that has been going for 23 years now. Its secret?Location is certainly part of it: The club is hidden away off the backstreets of a beach community and once inside you are led through a warren of walkways in a jungle plantation. Forest stretches out all around you, there are plenty of open-air areas with palm trees littering the sides of the site, and sunset parties here often dominate.

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There is, as is always the way in South America, a focus on high-end VIP culture and raised balconies for the rich to look down from. The main room is gigantic and has a huge system as well as vast LED screens, all of which plays host to the likes of Bob Sinclair, Kaskade, Amine Edge & DANCE, John Digweed and Armin van Buuren. All in all, then, it’s not hard to see why this club has such a legacy.

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