Influence The Music & Vote On What The DJ Plays Next Using The PSLY App

Hate It or Love It  as DJ’s we can’t seem to escape the demand for instant gratification when it comes to song requests. Now there’s a free app called PSLY that’s available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store which allows club frequenters to vote on what song the DJ should play next. PSLY was first tested in June at Love Child Social House in Toronto and it became so popular that Figures Nightclub  uses it every Friday night.


goers love the concept of being able to control the vibe of the night however most DJs seem to feel that apps like this will eventually destroy the artistry of our craft. I can see from both sides of the fence when it comes to this topic as a DJ on cruise ships, in clubs/bars, and for private events. I can totally understand how it feels like this is the epitome of the saying “DJs aren’t jukeboxes”.  It may even seem as if the use of the PSLY app is going to interrupt the flow of the music, undermine our efforts to put together killer creative sets, or even discourage club owners from hiring a Great DJ.  Honestly, I’d rather have people’s requests thru an app like this rather than someone Killing Me Softly  trying to shove their phone in my face demanding that I play every song on their spotify playlist during prime time In Da Club. I also think this app is great for DJs that work mobile events with millennials, GenX, or Gen Alphas in attendance like proms, sweet 16s, sporting events, bar/bat mitzvahs, school dances, ect. Instead of having hundreds of teens in your face shouting out a million requests at you, they can just download the app and suggest songs from their music library. The key word “Suggest” is most important here because uploading song suggestions is cool but controlling what the DJ plays next is another story. I think it would be helpful, innovative, & professional to tell a corporate client, bride/groom, or young adult that they can download an app and upload any song selections they may want to hear. When you have requests in advance it can make life easier while preparing sets. I see PSLY as kind of cool, a fun concept and interesting new way to interact with your crowd, especially the younger generation. I actually just downloaded the app and I’m going to Try  to Make It Work for me in a positive way. I’ll keep you all posted with what happens, so stay tuned for The Next Episode. 

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