DJs Don’t Do It – Misuse your macs


Last Night a DJ Saved My Life… from a broken Mac and it was probably Melly The Specialist (IG:@Melly_The_Specialist) Check out these helpful tips on how Not to Misuse your Macbook

1. Don’t be careless, Keep All Liquids Away at all times!

2. Don’t use your work computer to download/watch porn or casually surf the web. Stay Away from all websites with heavy adware and malware.

3. Don’t lend your Mac to anyone, ever! Everyone has excuses once damage occurs and you need to pay for repairs.

4. Don’t take chances with power outlets at any venue. Always plug your equipment, especially laptop charger into a surge protector or power conditioner . (Businesses WILL NOT tell you if they have bad electric or improper grounding) I learned this lesson the hard way, it cost me $500 in repairs and almost caused a disaster at my gig.

5. Do Not buy aftermarket or cheap chargers or replacement batteries, they will ruin your computer and cost you way more in the long run. Go to the Apple Store or Best Buy and spend the $80 for a proper macbook replacement and/or backup charger & consult with an expert when purchasing a replacement battery for your laptop. Also be sure to buy the right charger for your computer (example 60W or 85W)

6. Don’t rush and wrap your charger cable any way, take the time to wrap it properly so you don’t damage it. You may want to consider purchasing a charging cable protector as well, they’re available on (Everyone who owns an Apple laptop knows that the power charger is very important, but many of these cables can get damaged easily. The cable protector is very effective in protecting your charger)

7. Always keep your laptop protected whether you use a padded laptop bag, case, sleeve, or all of the above.

8. Don’t be that person who doesn’t Back It Up! Keep an updated Time Machine backup or backup your internal hard drive on an external hard drive. Remember to always carry a backup laptop charger, especially if you own a newer mac.

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