Grandmixer D.ST

Grandmixer D.ST., or Derek Howells, was known for his precise deejay abilities as well as his showmanship at parties.  Sometimes he would break out into a dance, or use body parts other than his hands to cut the records.

All this brought him to the attention of Afrika Bambaataa who asked him to join him for parties.

D.ST’s original group was The Infinity Four MC’s consisting of Kingpin Shahiem, Mike Nice, Baron and Legendary female rapper Kimba.

While working with the Infinity Rappers n 1982, he was part of the first hip hop tour to Europe with Afrika Bambaataa, Rammellzee, Fab 5 Freddy, Rock Steady Crew, the Double Dutch Girls, and graffiti artists Phase 2, Futura, and Dondi.

He also appeared in the movie Wild Style with Rammellzee and Shock Dell at the Amphitheatre.

Another big project was his work with Herbie Hancock on the seminal jazz/hip hop junction “Rockit” in 1983.  His hands were controlling the scratching for the song.

Other records include “Crazy Cuts”, “DST Cuts It Up”, “Megamix 1 & 2”, “Home Of Hip Hop”, “Mean Machine”, and “Rock The House In Japan.”

Although never recording an album of his own, he continues to produce for current hip hop groups most notable King T.

Incidentally, the name D.ST derives from an abbreviation of Delancey Street, located in Manhattan.

He later changed his name to Grandmixer DXT.

He is prominently featured in the film “Scratch”.

Check Out a Live Version of “Rockit”

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