5 Tips To Defeat DJ Burnout

  1. Take A Break – Sometimes we all need to take a break from nightlife to clear our heads and refocus. Time away can help you fall back in love with the craft again. You can also use this time off to work on your branding and update your bio, press kit, & social media pages.
  2. Get Inspired – Check out some new DJ Events or Videos, you can easily gain inspiration & motivation by listening to other DJs sets and mixes.
  3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Take more risks with your song selections and practice some new tricks, creative transitions, or cool routines to try during your next set.
  4. Search for New Places to Play – Try to create a new theme party, make a few Guest DJ appearances, DJ at some new venues, or travel out of town to DJ in a new market.
  5. Critique & Commend Yourself – Watch some of your old DJ videos and listen to some old mixes. Give yourself praise where it’s due, assess where you need to make improvements, & recreate those mixes or videos. Post those videos and/or mixes on social media and let the party people give you some honest feedback.

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