Mixcloud Announced Legal Live Streaming

DJs have been on the front lines when it comes to online entertainment. Yet most of the popular social platforms have tight copyright restrictions that limit the use of the very songs DJs typically perform with. This has created a huge stir in the DJ community which has not seen any response from the major platforms such as Facebook or Youtube. It seems that Twitch was the only way for DJs to express themselves online. But that never felt like home as Twitch belongs to the gamers. The DJ community was looking for a familiar home and Mixcloud responded.

This week they announced they would support 100 percent legal live-streaming. Many DJs are familiar with Mixcloud as a platform to host their audio mixes because they have worked out the kinks to provide the legal streaming of music. The user is unable to scroll back and forth between the mix, giving a true “radio” experience. This along with the artist accreditation that Mixcloud provides, and its licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group has given it a unique niche.

Mixcloud hosts over 50 million DJ mixes, radio shows and podcasts so the user base is there. You will need a Pro membership that comes in at $15/month to live-stream which already has features geared to helping artists monetize their content. This fee is waived for the first 3 months as a direct response to COVID-19. You will also need a video broadcasting software such as OBS (which is free). After that you simply retrieve the RTMP key from Mixcloud and then you are ready to go live.

If you need some OBS tips to make the most out of your live stream then make sure to check out these suggestions from Serato. Our friends at Digital DJ Tips put together a great video that walks you through the process of using Mixcloud with OBS to live-stream a set. Have you tried live-streaming? We want to see your set! Let us know when your next set time is in the comments!

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