Zee Bar in Philadelphia

At this place, you certainly won’t be bored with the same-old, same-old. Start off with shrimp and crab cocktail, enjoy sophisticated cocktails and take advantage of a bottle service menu that lists nine sparkling wines, including Cristal and Dom, and ten vodkas, including Belvedere and Ketel One.
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Professional acrobatic performances enhance the DJ lineup at this high-end spot, where membership applications are taken at the door. The two-room club opens from Wednesday to Saturday and stays open until 3 a.m, so you’re sure to get your fix of nighttime entertainment. Drinks, dancing, good music, entertainments and the chance to mingle with friends makes Zee Bar a great option. Located next to Delilah’s strip club, the obvious draw is the formerly naked ladies from next door who come over after work, and makes spending $20 on the cover at this luxed-out members-only spot. Certainly one of my favorite spot in my home town Philly!

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