Turn Up Saturday Nights At Henry Viii July 20th

What up Bermuda’s party people, finally there is a spot where you can party with a mature crowd. Hear old school and new music as well as many other different genres of music. Every Saturday night you can come and jam with me live from 9pm-1am. Ladies you can come alone, or with your girls or your boo (boyfriend of husband).

Fellas you can do the same. Finally a place where you can hear the old and new R&B, Soca Reggae and Salsa music. Its you one stop shop for a good time. Come and see what everyone is talking about !


I am happy to take over from the great Uncle’s spot and he has embraced me with his presence there, occasionally and I am bringing a brand new flavor there every Saturday Night! He is one that I look up to coming up from back in the day. If you want to know more about the things I have done in the past.

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