The Evolution of Gueringer the 13th

On November 18th, Gueringer the 13th dropped his most personal album to date called Clifford. After many projects already under his belt, the young emcee finally opens up on his life with Clifford. Through each track, he touches on his journey and its influences on him as a man today. Amidst the obstacles he has faced through his upbringing, here’s a guy who shines outwardly with optimism. He’s nowhere close to being done and today, you can learn a little bit more about Gueringer the 13th.

Who is Gueringer the 13th?
Gueringer The 13th is the PMI (Pontiac, MI). Just a kid from hood who grew up wanting more than what was given. Knowing that it’s a whole world as my playground, refused to be another statistic.

You started rapping at an early age. Care to share what your friend said that jumpstarted this journey?
My best friend Jamal; shout outs to my brother Mal. He helped me write my first song; my first. We were in the 5th grade. We use to get girls off of it. We thought we were the shit as kids. He was writing raps. I was writing poems and drawing then saw him write a song. The rest was history.

Your rapping style is distinct. Where do you draw your inspiration and creativity for the sound?
I use to have a set of rappers I drew inspiration from but in recent years it’s just been life.

You’ve spent your life in Detroit, Pontiac and Houston. Describe your experiences and how each place has influenced your music.
So I was born in Detroit 7 mile [and] Biltmore. My dad use to own this house there and my parents were married. They still are by the way but separated when I was a kid. I was suppose to have the perfect childhood but they split and my mom moved back to my grandparents house in ’94. That’s where the album starts. I spent most of my time in Pontiac where I learned a lot. It’s really a smaller Detroit. The difference is that it’s small so it’s more competitive, dangerous, hate, etc. Everybody knows everybody and have something to prove. I would visit Detroit frequently for my dad where it was like boot camp. From the age 6-16, he would teach me how to be a man, manners, cooking, working, defending myself. I remember walking around with knife sharpeners and guns as a kid. My dad was/is crazy. I spent 4 years in Houston, TX. I feel like that’s what helped mold me to be different, because I was 16. It left a great impression on me and taught me a lot while I was there. I probably would be in jail or dead if I never moved to Houston.

What is the Chiefy Tribe?
Chiefy Tribe is a group that anybody can be a part of. I named it Chiefy Tribe because Pontiac is the name of an Indian chief. The tribe part is just every and anybody who’s down. I wanted my brand to incorporate my city, but also be able to reach others. So if you’re down with Chiefy Tribe you’re a part of a group of individuals who are leaders.

Why should should I join the Tribe?
What else are you going to do? You’re sitting on the couch on social media and your life is passing you by.

How does Clifford differ from the other projects in the past?
Clifford differs from my other projects because of how intimate it is. I’ve done a lot of music that I’m proud of but I’ve never went this personal. As I get older I realize personal is better.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years at age 30?
In 5 years, I see myself traveling the world on tour, rebuilding my community, and probably running for mayor [laughs] that’a be sweet. I just want to make sure my family and friends are taken care of and creating opportunity for my city to become bigger. Whenever I blow in this rap game, I know there will be somebody who can be better than me or bigger than me. That’s good and I want that. I also know if they’re coming from where I’m from, the chances of making it is low. I want to create those chances.

Last words?
“Boss up and get this money.” -Blade Icewood

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