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Got Requests?!… Proper DJ Request Etiquette

#DontPhoneFaceTheDJ Please….
IMG_4416Some of you have seen the memes & signs and maybe even heard the rumors about DJ’s not wanting to take requests. I know that you are wondering… why, what’s the big deal, & you just want to hear your favorite jam but please think before you act. I can assure you that not only DJ’s but nobody in any profession wants someone shoving a bright phone screen with some tiny words written on it in their face for any reason especially while busy working. I don’t see people writing their drink order on their phone or googling their favorite drink recipe & sticking their phone in the bartenders face at the bar. I’m also sure that you don’t roll up to the checkout line at the grocery store with a full grocery list on your phone expecting the cashier to forget everyone else and stop what they are doing to accommodate your list of needs either. I personally don’t mind taking requests but if I’m in the middle of setting up my equipment or mixing 2 tracks together, the dance floor is packed, or clearly your requests is not in line with the vibe…Not good timing. I promise you, we’re not “known it all’s” or trying to be mean, but let me paint a picture of exactly what’s happening.  When a DJ is “in the zone”, it’s like we’re flipping tracks in our head driving 100mph down an open road and suddenly you run in front of us waving your hands causing us to slam on our breaks to talk to you which interrupts our train of thought. Total party killer dude; please don’t bother the DJ while they are busy in the mix. In other cases, a person’s approach, attitude, smart comments, body language, etc. can make DJ’s feel that they don’t want to take requests or deal with the rudeness and disrespect. We really hate that Wikky Wikky, What are you going to play next stuff haha Most of the time, we’d just be so happy & humbled if the party people just simply have fun, respect our craft, & appreciate the art that we are diligently working so hard to exhibit for them. However, if by chance you are one of those people who is adamant about making a request; Try giving a tip, I’ve thrown out lots of napkins before but never any dollar bills. Simply being polite helps too, like saying “Hey I love what you’re playing… if u have a chance or can work it in please play who let the dogs out and shout out my dog buddy” Lol

In conclusion…Think of DJs as Chefs: Songs are our ingredients and Parties are our Restaurants. Sometimes the recipe may call for the same ingredients that you’d use; other times maybe not because we all cook differently. Remember… Too Many Cooks Spoil The Soup.

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