Tech Talks” With DJ TyC Featuring The Prime 4 By Denon DJ

DJ Brickhouse from MyMP3Pool sits down with DJ TYC of EU to give DJs an Intro to the Prime 4 Stand-Alone 4-Deck DJ System with 10-in Touchscreen by Denon DJ.

The Denon DJ Prime 4 is said to be “THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL & ADVANCED DJ SYSTEM”. It allows experienced DJs to command any event & audience with it’s multicore processor and abundance of features. The Prime 4 delivers your entire music collection literally at your finger tips with no laptop needed. The 4-deck hardware control and advanced touch screen ensures that you’re equipped to handle all DJ sets anywhere, anytime as long as you bring the skills. The ability to play music in 2 separate rooms using this single device is a real game changer. The dedicated XLR Zone output with gain and EQ control allows you to stream back-to-back music automatically into a second room or you can assign either Deck 4 or the Master signal to Zone output in one room & create a totally different vibe in another room. DJ’s can also engage different media sources using any of the 4 USB inputs, 1 SD card slot, & built-in 2.5” SATA drive bay included. We can even record full DJ sets to any connected source, explore the option to use a USB keyboard, and play uncompressed audio formats like FLAC, ALAC, & WAV. The Prime 4 also has 6-in ultra-responsive touch capacitive jog wheels, customizable RGB lights & dual microphone control with 2 dedicated mic channels. The Prime Series v1.4 Firmware Update added even more features such as internet connectivity via Wi-Fi & wired connections, Integrated TIDAL music streaming service, track preview directly from the track lists, increased track list view allowing more info to be shown on the screen, manual adjusting of the loop in/out points via platter control, ability to recalibrate platter touch sensitivity, and much more. The Prime 4 by Denon DJ is available now on most sites for $1799.00. Please visit for more information and explore the Prime 4 further with DJ Brickhouse and DJ TyC by clicking on the video below.

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