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Night Clubs in Trieste, Italy


Located at the tip of Italy’s easternmost stretch of coastline, Trieste is a cross-cultural town, to say the least. Visitors can soak up the blend of Slavic and Italian flavor all day long, gazing at the neoclassical architecture and enjoying the local cafe culture. When night falls, all the daytime lounging and loafing will leave you ready for a more active pursuit: dancing at one of Trieste’s many night clubs.

Outdoor Options

During the warmer months, a few of Trieste’s clubs make use of ample patios. At Euterpe and Clio (no website; Piazza Barbacan 4, Trieste; 39-040-322-3427), the summer brings outdoor concerts ranging from jazz to rock ‘n’ roll. Inside, the ambiance is decidedly retro. Machiavelli (no website; Viale Miramare, 285, Trieste; 39-040-44-104) is a reliable stand-by in the Trieste clubbing scene. Catch one of the many themed evenings. The seaside location is particularly scenic and the club’s terrace has a fountain and seating. Expect to find many local university students.

Dancing til Dawn

At Mandracchio (no website; Passo di Piazza 1, Trieste; 39-393-970-6005), the music is a mix of Italian hits and international dance music. Guest DJs regularly perform. The party doesn’t stop until 5 a.m. Viale 39 (, a lounge and club, opens early and continues until late. At around 11 p.m., the pub vibe switches to a club as the dancing begins. Themed evenings include a Latin night, gust DJ performances and live sets.

Live Entertainment

For a creative spin on the typical clubbing experience, Trieste has its share of cabarets and jazz clubs. Check the schedule at the Teatro Miela (; in addition to films, plays and concerts, the venue turns into a lively retro night-club during its cabaret nights. For a taste of local musical acts, La Casa della Musica ( features a range of musical styles, from jazz acts to local upstarts.

Variations on the Club

In light of the city’s careful campaigns against excessive nighttime noise, some of Trieste’s best spots for clubbing aren’t proper clubs at all. Under the guise of cultural associations, groups like ( manage swinging venues and throw regular parties, just like a club. The group moves from the city center to a seaside location depending on the season, and the shifting dictates of municipal zoning rules. Tetris ( is another outfit that runs along the same lines. Programming is less regular than at the standard discotheque, but you can catch some of the newest local musicians.

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