It’s My Page and I’ll Post What I Want “Managing Your Social Media”

When it comes to social media think twice about what you post. Make sure that when you look back at your page everything you post is a direct representation of you and your brand. Furthermore, if you work for a company there are usually guidelines that you must adhere to when posting on social media, even though it’s your own personal page.


Typically most companies social media policies are pretty standard and outline how the organization & it’s employees should conduct themselves online. Following these procedures help safeguard your brand and/or the companies reputation as well as, encourages you and others to responsibly share information to the public. Always speak positively, you have to remember that your views are often associated with the views of the people who work along side you. Don’t be Selfish, Think Twice about what you write, clients often look at how you conduct yourself on social media as a work reference. They ask themselves if how you portray yourself online is in line with their vision & how they want to be represented at the function amongst their peers. Be yourself but try to keep it classy, someone is always Sitting and Watching.

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