Turn Up Saturday Nights At Henry VIII Sept 14th

Hello, all my supporters and followers in Bermuda, as you all know I am coming back every Saturday back to Henry VIII from off a broken collar bone injury. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and support while I was done and out on social media and all who came by to check on me at the crib!

Now I am not 100 %, and not going to be mixing & shaking any cocktails or doing any heavy lifting anytime soon but am well enough to operate a turntable and computer, so I will be continuing my appearances this Saturday night with “Turn Up Saturday Nights”

Finally a spot where you can party with a mature crowd. Hear old school and new music as well as many other different genres of music. Every Saturday night you can come and jam with me live from 9pm-1am. Ladies you come alone, or bring your crew or your boo and fellas follow suit. you can do the same. Where you can hear the old and new R&B, Soca, Reggae, Salsa and Top 40, Its you one stop shop for a good time. Come and see what everyone is talking about !

I would love to thank all my supporters for showing your love with your regular appearances at Henry VIII each and every week and having such a fabulous time with no kids to worry about. I really appreciate that very much. Be sure to continue to spread the word for me!

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