DMC Announces 2020 Online DJ Battles!

The DMC World Championship battle season was put on pause just like most major events around the world, because of COVID-19. While several countries may have reopened to near normalcy, majority of the world is still on some form of lockdown and/or practicing social distancing. DJs have been hit hard with clubs and event venues shutting down. When DJs decided to bring the party online, the copyright police shut that down too; excluding Mixcloud which is the only platform to legally live steam DJ sets.

There have been several online DJ battles and contests that have been keeping our creative community afloat during these hard times. The DMC announced this week that they will have an online version of the 2020 DMC battle season. The DMC is no stranger to hosting online DJ battles, some would say they are the pioneer as they began hosting online DJ battles on a national scale in 2017, with DJ Spell of New Zealand taking 1st place. This is an exciting time for battle DJs as the spotlight has shifted from who can pack out a club to who can really get busy on the turntables. You can always check the DMC official 2020 online battle page for more updates!

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