There’s no club more ensconced in clubbing more than Berlin’s Berghain. Even the head doorman is famous. And while the club’s hype is undeniable, anyone who’s partied there knows just how well-deserved its global reputation is. The Berghain floor is nothing but techno, pumped pure out of the room’s expertly tuned Funktion One system for 30-plus hours every Saturday by residents like Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann; DJs who preside over the concrete cathedral like techno demi-gods. The blacked out room is a notorious time vortex — once you’re sucked in, you forget anything else exists.

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The upstairs Panorama Bar is a house lover’s dream, where mainstays like Nick Höppner, Stef and Virginia play three-hour or more sets to an adoring and knowledgeable crowd. On Sunday afternoons — the preferred time to party for regulars — shadows cast an ethereal glow on the white-tiled room as sunlight streams through the shuttered windows, opened usually once a weekend and always at the perfect moment. Some decry the club’s strict and subjective door policy, but it clearly works. The vibe is always diverse, hedonistic and welcoming once you’re inside. Ultimately, Berghain is not for everyone. But for those who love it, it’s the best club in the world.


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