How to Benefit from Requests!


Most DJs don’t mind playing requests but please don’t be a pest haha Haven’t people heard the news or seen the memes on social media haha?! I totally agree with my counterpart DJ Lethal Weapon when he said that we can definitely benefit from requests . In fact, sometimes they can be very useful, even helpful at times when we get stuck and aren’t sure what direction to go with our selections. However, when people want us to play every song from a spotify playlist, shove bright phone screens in our faces, refuse to leave to DJ area until their request is played, ask for 5 different songs at once, or after we play one requests then come back every 3 minutes with 10 more requests, that’s when people become Bugaboos. No offense but we aren’t personal mp3 players or jukeboxes, we are artists. DJing is a form of art and most of us take pride in the product that we produce. I would never go to the bank and demandingly tell the teller how to count my money or to a casino and tell the dealer how to deal. When we are hired for private parties and there is a specific client, that’s a different story. Although sometimes we even need to save them from themselves too if the vibe of the special request list is all wrong for the guests they want to entertain. It’s hard enough to read a crowd of people we’ve never met before and make them Shake a Tailfeather & have a Good Time. It’s even more challenging when people want to throw their own special sauce in the pot as we’re mixing things up. I think that people should try to remember that we understand they want to hear things from their own personal playlists but we are playing music in a public venue for everyone in attendance and not everyone has the same taste in music. DJ’s would love to just play their favorite abstract songs all night but we can’t do that, we must try to please the crowd which means as many people as possible at the same time. This is not an easy feat to accomplish but as professionals we must accomplish this every time there is a Function at the Junction. We are employed to showcase our skills Whenever Wherever so that party goers alike can Bruk it Down. Hopefully reading things like this will encourage more people to leave the song selecting to the executives, Relax, and just have Fun.

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