What Is The Best OS For DJing?

When purchasing a personal computer, the average consumer has to choose: macOS or Windows. This question is especially critical for a musical creator, where the computer is your instrument.

Microsoft’s domination over the operating system market is clear. However, since the creation of macOS in 2001, Windows has struggled to maintain its chokehold on the personal computer market.

However, competition breeds innovation, and users welcome the improvements made to each of these operating systems in recent years. Moreover, Apple’s product line is diverse, from the iPad to the Macintosh.

It’s not a simple decision. Each has reasons to go with it. Each has reasons to choose the other one. To make the decision easier for you, we present the pros and cons of each.

Pros and Cons

Here are some examples of where each operating system excels and where they fall short:


Pros:   Cons:

Many More Software OptionsLack of Logic Support
Better Hardware SupportLess Intuitive
Repairability over TimeMore Work to Set Up

Pros: Cons:

– Apple Ecosystem– Higher Prices for Similar Performance
– Logic Support– Less Maintenance Over Time
– Optimized for Audio– Less Hardware and Software Support
– Simplicity

More Things to Consider

With Windows, music production can be better than macOS, but much more setup is needed to get it going this way. Perhaps the most compelling reason to go with Windows instead of macOS is its more diverse hardware support. Furthermore, some options for musical software are either only available on Windows or just run better due to the broader selection of Windows computers.

On the other hand, many musicians and producers favor Apple’s Logic Pro software which is unfortunately not supported on anything other than Apple’s computers. Many may not want to use Windows if they prefer to use this software. In addition, Macs have a reputation for being the more reliable software in live performances. So, while Windows may be better suited for your music production needs, Macs may still be the better option for their overall performance.

Apple’s Macs have always demanded higher prices using their creator’s mantra of “It just works.” For the most part, this has not changed, and the Apple ecosystem is an excellent example of this philosophy in action.

Unfortunately, this reliability comes at the cost of third-party maintenance rights. In other words, only Apple can fix Apple products, which leads to a monopoly in the service space. The most appealing quality of Apple for music creation is their Logic Pro software, which is a favorite of many prominent producers in the space. Also, the software is optimized for the lower quality hardware within the Macs, so you can run much higher quality music tracks on Logic that you could not run on other software such as Ableton.

Another consideration for anyone undecided on Windows or macOS for their music production is the Apple education discount. Basically, if you are a teacher, college student, or college professor, you are entitled to far better prices on macOS computers and iPads. The discount can be an exciting solution to the so-called “Apple-Tax” that prevents many people from getting into Apple products.

Which OS Should I Choose?

Overall, the best solution for most users is to go with macOS, especially if Logic Software is your preferred DAW. The simplicity, overall adequate support of software and hardware, and the general optimization towards Logic are unmatched by anything Windows offers. 

But, as deadmau5, one of the most influential DJs in the space, points out, the best solution may not be to go with one operating system but rather both. He uses Windows to produce his tracks because he can build an absolute “beast of a machine” with his exact specifications in mind. But he also uses macOS for his live performances due to their general reliability and his ability to pick up replacements if “something goes wrong down the road.” (Musician Wave, 1). Unfortunately, this solution is not feasible for the vast majority of consumers due to the higher cost of having to get at least two different high-end computers. But if you have the funds, this may be your perfect solution.


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