As far as nightclubs go, few are more modern and palatial than Versuz, a 3000-capacity club that seems to go out of its way to make every clubber feel special. It features a rustic-yet-sleek champagne and cigar bar, with leather couches that overlook the main action downstairs, where crystal chandeliers hang high above the VOID-powered dancefloor. The VIP area is big and exclusive, but right in the midst of things. And this being Belgium, there is, of course, a Belgian beer bar too — and even an outdoor patio with a swimming pool.


It’s like a glamorous slice of Ibiza landed in Hasselt. And indeed, Spanish mega-brands Pacha and Elrow have both held bashes at the club, bringing island favourites like UNER and Joris Voorn to the party. But even with all the stylish décor and lavish attention to detail, Versuz keeps door prices low, regularly holding student nights so the local crowd can get loose after finals. The venue caters to all different crowds, in fact, with hip-hop nights and club-friendly house from headliners like Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar and Klingande on regular rotation.

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Decadent escapism in posh surroundings without forgetting the clubbers — works like a charm for Versuz.


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