The Treacherous Three

Kool Moe Dee (Mohandas Dewese)
L.A. Sunshine
Special K
DJ Easy Lee (Theodore Moy’e)

This group was founded in the late 70’s and has recorded on and off since that time.

Kool Moe Dee, Special K, and DJ Easy Lee all went to the same high school (Norman Thomas). LA sunshine went to Brandise HS in Manhattan.

The group of high school friends developed a reputation for hip hop around New York.  Spoonie Gee introduced them to producer Bobby Robinson, who in turned signed to Enjoy Records.

They also had two other DJs named Dano B and Reggie Reg.

Their first single was released in 1980 and was called “The New Rap Language.”  This single showcased a much faster style of rhyming that they would perfect and continue to use throughout their career.

On “Body Rock” they became the first hip hop group to use guitars in a song.

They did two other singles on Enjoy before moving to Sugar Hill Records in 1981 where they continued to record for the next few years.  They became a force in the hip hop world and participated in several battles for MC supremacy.

Kool Moe Dee and Special K appeared as co-hosts on the short lived television show “Graffiti Rock” in 1984.  They battled Run DMC and also performed the segue into commercials.

The group had an excellent cameo in Beat Street with their song “Xmas Rap” which featured a young Doug E. Fresh.

They did break up in he mid 80’s and Kool Moe feeling he still had what it took struck out on his own.

Special K put out a 12″ on Republic Records in 1987 which was called “Special K Is Good” which sounded really close to something his brother  TLA Rock was putting out at the time.

The group resurfaced in 1993 to do a reunion album on Easy Lee’s label.  Easy Lee has also gone on to produce other current groups.

Check out Treacherous Three Live at Disco Fever in 1981

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