Tariffs Hit DJs Hard

Think globalization and multilateral trade agreements were a waste of time and money? You’d be wrong. Those trade agreements that President Trump is so quick to tear up have been instrumental in keeping prices low.

Unfortunately, the latest trade war with China is hitting home fast. Cheap labor and minimal regulations have meant that much of what we buy here – including DJ equipment – is made in China. Thanks to the current trade climate, DJ brands “have announced they are increasing US prices due to the new tariffs.”

Many manufactured consumer products are built in China, and DJ gear is no exception. Over the last few months, we’ve been carefully watching the developing trade war between the Trump administration and China, suspecting that eventually it would impact our industry. In the last few weeks, this suspicion came true, and many DJ brands have announced they are increasing US prices due to the new tariffs. Keep reading to learn who is increasing their DJ gear prices.

A 10% Tariff For Now, A 25% Tariff Soon

It’s easy to feel like the DJ industry and dance music is insulated from international politics. But the reality is that so many products that DJs rely on regularly are made in China.

The new tariffs, which went into effect on September 24th on over $200 billion of goods imported into the US, increase import fees for Chinese-made goods by 10%. But that 10% is just for now – at the end of 2018, they’ll increase to 25%. If you want to read more about the tariffs and the ongoing trade war Trump is creating with China,

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