Rekordbox 6.0 Trailblazes New Features For DJs

The latest update to the Rekordbox DJ software is one that leapfrogs every major DJ software in terms of new functionality. You can effortlessly sync your music library amongst all of your devices. This means that your songs and metadata (cue points, saved loops, etc) can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. You can store all of your music (and backups) in a virtual cloud powered by Dropbox.

Rekordbox is the supplemental software for the popular Pioneer DJ hardware. Pioneer has heard some criticism from the DJ community for not releasing the next iteration of the Pioneer DJM-S9. However it seems that Pioneer is committed to shifting their focus to their software which makes complete sense as they already have the hardware game on lock with millions of loyal consumers. Let’s take a dive into some of the features you can find in Rekordbox 6.0.

Photo: Rekordbox

  • New intuitive layout for performance mode
  • Stream directly from Beatport LINK and Soundcloud Go+
  • Carry you master library anywhere you go across every device
  • Automatic Feedback Reducer
  • Automix automatically mixes songs smoothly by using the information from phrase analysis
  • Prepare playlists and perform with tracks using the mobile app
  • Active Censor automatically applies effects to pre-specified tracks in order to disguise explicit lyrics
  • Add videos and images to your performance
  • Control external lighting fixtures to sync with your tracks
Photo: Rekordbox

There are a ton of other features you will find in most standard DJ programs. You can find out more about the Rekordbox 6.0 features here. In addition to the great functionality of the latest update, Rekordbox also takes a note out of Serato‘s book providing a subscription based software. There are three tiers of subscriptions. Free, Core and Creative.

Free gives you the capability to use prepare mode to organize music and perform using USB compatible equipment.

Core is free if using Rekordbox compatible (aka Pioneer) equipment. If you want to use another brand of equipment with Rekordbox it will cost you $9.99USD/month ($6.99 if purchased before July, 2020) and will give you DVS functionality and

Creative goes for $14.99USD/month ($9.99 if purchased before July, 2020) and will unlock a slew of functionality covered earlier.

Photo: Rekordbox

Rekordbox is certainly looking to win over new DJs and in a time where streaming is growing popular amongst DJs (mainly due to lockdown at this time) don’t be surprised if DJs start giving Rekordbox a try. You can give it a 30-day free trial and test it out for yourself here.

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