Russia’s Biggest DJs

Russia has a rich history in electronic music. A healthy club scene in the major cities acts as an effective incubator for talent, and many Russian artists have risen to become global stars. In last year’s Top 100 DJs rankings, there were 2 Russian DJs in the first 100, with a further 4 in the next 50, demonstrating a scene in positive health.


Ranked at No.29 in the last poll results, Zedd was born in Saratov, Russia, before moving to Germany at the age of 4. With a canny ability to traverse the line between club star and pop darling, Zedd is a serial collaborator, working with vocalists and producers from a whole range of scenes.

Last year ‘Sway’ – his collaboration with R&B-songstress Alessia Cara – picked up the coveted award for ‘Best Dance Track’ at the MTV VMAs. And things haven’t slowed in 2018. ‘The Middle’, Zedd’s latest release, features the vocal talents of Warren Morris and Grey.

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