Do You Hear What I Hear?!… Music in the Background


I’m the type of person you’ll see doing the shopping cart in the grocery store & rocking out to the background beats in elevators, stores, even jamming at the local Friendly’s while eating my sundae.  Some people don’t even notice the tunes playing in the background, but I always do. I love when the music is setting the right tone for where I’m at or what I’m doing. As a matter of fact one of my part time jobs is curating the playlist for an upscale hair salon. IRE_6839It’s pretty cool when I  hear some of the clients positively commenting on the music selection while I’m sitting back getting highlights. It also generates business for me, as I keep a stack of business cards at the salon that are distributed at these perfect moments. I gave Salon 31 a little Old Time Rock N Roll, Sweet Soul Music, Uptown Funk, & 100% Pure Love to Drift Away to while sitting under the dryer. I think sometimes people forget that as a DJ, maybe it’s not always about a crazy rager but often times just simply setting the right vibe. Trust me you never know when selecting the right mood music, keeping an open mind, and thinking out of the box can land you a unique lucrative partnership.

Let’s take this a step farther…I’m talking about shazaming tv commercials or songs from tv shows or movies. There have been countless times I’ve heard a song from a commercial, show, or movie and the next day went to a gig and thought it would be perfect for the event so I played it. Shortly after someone usually comes up like omg I love that song, that was from blah blah blah right ….what’s the name? That totally makes my day. I always take pride in my playlists, even if it’s just for a cocktail hour or dinner party. You may think that people aren’t paying attention, but they’re always listening, so give them something they can feel. Inspiration is all around catch my vibe!! DJ Cavon

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