This massive 75,000 square foot playground was created to offer luxury and five-star VIP service, all anchored around a grandiose kinetic chandelier weighing 22,000 pounds and comprised of eight concentric circles. Yup, this thing also moves, and production elements of the rings include lighting effects, video projections and LED strips, meaning it’s an ever-changing display. As if that wasn’t enough, 65 feet above, a massive, ornately designed operatic domed roof encloses the entire main club.

Image result for pictures of the inside of club OMNIA

Wander away from the central area and you’ll find an array of rooms to slink among. There’s the sleek ultra-lounge Heart of Omnia with highly-textured details, the open-air terrace with tiered cabanas and architectural LED strips, and the balcony level, influenced by the grand opera houses of the world with decadent boxes to overlook the dancefloor below. The sounds are provided by an expansive roster with A-listers like Kaskade, Zedd, Calvin Harris, Afrojack and more, leaving revelers treated to the ultimate experience from every angle. To top it all off, Omina incorporates aerialist routines, and are constantly updating the lighting and technology used to make sure the experience is always fresh and dazzling.

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