As Croatia has become more and more of a hotspot for clubbers, so its clubs have continued to evolve and accommodate them. One that has been standing out for years now is Noa, which is built from a series of interconnected platforms floating on the Adriatic in a natural, wood-heavy style. It is a luxury space with sun beds, VIP service, many pools and secluded private lounges as well as a main floor, an after-beach area and a chillout zone all supplied with sound by a D&B Audiotechnik system.

Image result for pictures of the inside of noa beach club

“There’s certainly a special feeling in being a guest at our open-air club,” says the club’s Tom. “At Noa you can literally meet the new dawn while partying away, all surrounded by a clear-blue sea.”

As for the soundtrack, maximal EDM stars like Steve Aoki and Skrillex have headlined this year, but Noa also places lots of focus on residents Aldo Morro, Robert MKC and Miss DJ Kay Dee. “With them we created a sense of familiarity with our guests that makes the ‘Noa experience’ a fulfilling one. Shortly put, they’re very important to us since our visitors and residents are all one big family.”

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