Mercedes Ladies – DJ LaSpank

Baby D (D’Bora)
RD Smiley
DJ LaSpank
Sweet P

Widely recognized as the the first all female group, The Mercedes Ladies were founded around 1976.  They were the sister group to Grandwizard Theodore and the L Brothers.  They shared the same manager Trevor.

They did shows with such acts as Kevie-Kev, Busy Bee Starski, Master Rob, Bambaataa, Red Alert, Kool Herc, The Furious Five, The Cold Crush Brothers, Grandmixer DST, etc.

Baby D was taught to scratch by Grandwizard Theodore. She later went on to released the track “No Sense.”

They were featured on Donald D’s recording “Don’s Groove” in the early 1980’s. Although they never had their own record deal and are rarely mentioned, they paved the way for many females to follow.

Sweet P and Sty-Sty were later members.

On May 3, 2000, The Mercedes Ladies were presented with the Hip-Hop Heritage Award from

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