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There is no question that Apple Music has launched into one of the largest platforms for consumer listening. Allowing access to millions of songs, playlists, podcasts, and radio stations, it seemed to have everything a listener would want. Except one thing, DJ sets! Part of the success (and struggles) of a platform such as SoundCloud, is that it allows users to upload content such as DJ mixes. The problem being the ongoing legal dispute between who had the rights to the individual songs within the DJ mixes, and who should be benefiting from them. After years of back and forth and even some companies being on the brink of extinction, it appears the major players are stepping in. Apple Music and Spotify have recently began allowing users to upload content to their massive platforms. This time, we are going to focus on Apple Music, and how you can start getting your mixes on the platform right right now!


Apple Music has teamed up with MixBANK to help you get your mixes online, legally. Here’s how it works. First, you have to sign up with MixBank (completely free) and make an account. Once you have signed up, upload a mix you’ve made! Seriously, upload a mix you have already made, as long as it is in the FLAC or WAV file format. MixBANK breaks down your mix via its “MixSCAN” technology which identifies the tracks as well as the original content owners in your mixes and remixes. The record labels and publishers now can apply the usage and distribution rules to their content, allowing revenue to be created. In essence, everyone is winner. Now there are some limitations so don’t be too discourage if the mix you uploaded was not approved. MixBANK has a growing database of pre-approved tracks that will always work. Check out their easy to use database, and get working on your next mix using pre-approved songs so you can confidently upload and share it on the Apple Music platform.

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