Flavors Throwback Discotheque Theme Night

Hello party people, great night last Saturday night, and thank all who came for coming out. Now this Saturday the 25th we have a show-stopping and a huge trip back down memory lane, good time. Miss Melody of the VenusGroupbermuda and Finsbury Garden both feature a Flavors Discotheque Theme night featuring original DJs that originally played at Flavors with myself DJ Cavon alongside my favorite old-school friend, DJ Uncle are both playing and going back down memory lane. The first 50 people get free Rum Swizzle because that was the famous drink back then at Flavors.

We will also have BarBecue food there for you to throwdown on as well like we used to do downstairs at the Flavors Discotheque back in the day on the outdoor patio overlooking Riddell’s Bay Warwick harbor.

All happening at the Finsbury Gardens on the corner of Dundonald Street and Court Street. This is an outdoor event with sheltered and heated tents. Rain, blow or shine event. The entrance is on the absolute opposite side of Places’ Place on Dundonald & Court Street.

The kids have their spot on the rock and the adults have ours at this “Grown Folk Event!


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