Everyone’s Got One – An OPINION

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I just want to thank you Shawnette Somner for keeping it 💯 ✌🏾I love it keep those opinions coming y’ll. One thing my good and long time friend DJ Uncle & I agree on is that it this business after over 40 years you will still not be able to please everyone ! Once again those that don’t know he embraces me there at Henry VIII and supports me 100 %. I would also add that this entertainment is free of charge, so try to go to most other venues or anywhere in the city of Hamilton or anywhere else, and you will have to pay for talent that is not comparable. So again to all my regular supporters I tell you all frequently in person and on my site, I don’t like to take anything for granted, and I thank you for your support. Because you could be anywhere on the rock buy you continue else to share you Saturday nights with me.

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