Hello, all my supporters and followers in Bermuda, you know what they say, “stay to the wickets and the runs will come”, well guess what, the runs are coming with a great matured crowd back again in full force at Henry VIII this past Saturday. Just in to make it even much festive this time of year. Those of you that choose to miss out week after week, then you better ask somebody. Come and see for yourself where you can hear the best R&B, Soca, Reggae and much more every Saturday night. So if you want to take a free trip down memory lane come on up and chill with a great mature vibe, with me at Henry VII. It doesn’t cost you one penny to come out and have a good time and support local talent w/ Bermuda’s own International DJ Cavon!

As always I would love to take this time to thank all that do come and support this mature event each and every Saturday night. I do want to say something though, I would like for people to give me more request for songs that they want to hear and I PROMISE you I will play your song for you. Please write it on a paper because there is a loud speaker on my left side at Henry’s and most times I cannot hear people very well there. Come and show your support Bermuda. There are few clubs with this type of vibe so don’t let it fade away for “Turn Up Saturday Nights”

Finally a spot where you can party with a mature crowd. Hear old school and new music as well as many other different genres of music. Every Saturday night you can come and jam with me live from 9pm-1am. Ladies you can come alone, or bring your crew or your boo and fellas follow suit. Its your one stop shop for a good time. Come and see what everyone is talking about !

I would love to thank all my supporters for showing your love with your regular appearances at Henry VIII each and every week and having such a fabulous time with no kids to worry about. I really appreciate that very much. Be sure to continue to spread the word for me!


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