Clothes to Wear at a Vegas Night Club

Las Vegas, Nevada, has one of the trendiest night club scenes in the US. With several top clubs that attract VIPs from Hollywood and beyond, you have to look your best to get past the velvet rope. Unless your outfit is right, the girl with the guest list won’t even give you a first look, much less a second. In Vegas, image is everything, and only the beautiful survive.

Whether you’re a Las Vegas club regular or visiting from elsewhere, increase your chances of velvet rope success by cultivating the proper look. With the right hair, makeup and clothing, Las Vegas nightlife will be waiting for you. Remember: the door always favors the ladies, so guys need to keep their appearance especially sharp.
Fashion Aesthetic
Las Vegas nightlife is high on glamor and glitz, with a liberal helping of sex appeal. Your clothing should add to this general aesthetic. Ladies should keep it short, sweet and slinky, and guys can break out the slimmer, more body-conscious cuts. Think sparkling and vibrant, not staid or hipster.
In Las Vegas, modesty isn’t a requirement. Short shorts, triangle bra tops and micro mini-skirts will fill the bill. Because of the warm climate and sexually accepting atmosphere, skin is in. Leave your black tank dress and pearls at home.
Because Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert, clothing should favor the light and breezy end of the fashion spectrum. If compared to the nightlife style of another major US city, the Las Vegas look would closely resemble that of Miami or Los Angeles, not New York City or Chicago.
If you really want to wear something that suits the Las Vegas environment, go shopping in Las Vegas itself. Las Vegas proper is full of trendy stores, especially near the tourist areas. Since these places stock according to the weather, consumer base, and location, there will be lots of interesting choices for shoppers looking to fit in. Watch for vibrant patterns, bright colors and playful silhouettes for both women and men, including apparel made of interesting textiles with artsy embellishments.
Outfits for Women
If you’re traveling, you want to pack as much style as possible into a few pieces. To put together a club outfit for a Vegas night, consider one of these combinations. Try a cocktail mini dress with a pair of wedge-heeled dress sandals and an evening clutch. Make your dress choice easy to pack by selecting a jersey knit or form-fitting stretch garment. Dark-wash designer jeans, beaded heels and an embellished strapless top are also good choices. Tops take up very little room in your baggage, and jeans are a travel staple. For a final option, pair a jumpsuit with some dressy flats and an interesting hair clip.
Men’s Fashion
For men, the key to Vegas club fashion is to stay away from sloppy, dive bar-type apparel. Leave the sneakers, construction boots and sloppy clothing behind in favor of fitted, sophisticated cuts and stylish dress shoes. Men can try a slim-fit suit for another high-fashion variation. For best effect, keep the suit dark in color and choose interesting fabric; loud colors can be hard to carry off and can look tacky.
As a clubbing destination, Las Vegas has some of the best-known venues in the United States. Though the clubs attempt to appeal to the tourist trade, their livelihood depends on bringing in VIPs and trendy people. But don’t misinterpret trendy as overblown and over-sexualized. At the core of Vegas style is a sense of class and beauty, even if it’s tinged with sensuality.
To achieve the right aesthetic, wear clothing made of good fabric that fits properly. Women should make sure the derriere is covered, and stretch clothing shouldn’t look painted on. For men, costume-like clothing and peacock-like outfits are liable to garner the wrong type of attention. If all else fails, wear well-fitted, sleek black and use your confidence to shine.

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