After Cup Match Classic Jam – 2019

Thank all who came out to hang with me last night, at Henry VIII, especially my good friend DJ Youngals and his beautiful wife. Again a great Pre Cup Match vibe and those that missed it, well what can I say but you have a chance to redeem yourselves next week. There is a lot going on through Cup Match and over the next weekend, but our venue will be open and it will still cost you nothing at all for a good time. So be sure to come out and support regardless of who wins this years Cup Match Classic on Saturday August 3rd at Henry VIII my Bermudian people.

Special thanks to all the all my fellow Americans that were hanging with me last night as well, you’ll know how to party and I am not surprised….Peace & Love. Enjoy your Cup Match Holiday everyone see y’ll next week !

Finally a place where you can hear the old and new R&B, Soca Reggae and Salsa music. Its you one stop shop for a good time. Come and see what everyone is talking about !


I am happy to take over from the great Uncle’s spot and he has embraced me with his presence there, occasionally and I am bringing a brand new flavor there every Saturday Night! He is one that I look up to coming up from back in the day. If you want to know more about the things I have done in the past.

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