Client Or Crowd….. Who Do You Play For?


There’s a thin line between our love to please the client and the crowds hate! Whether you’re a Club or Mobile DJ you may encounter a discrepancy between the expectations of the crowd versus the client.  Every event starts with a great idea or concept from a creative individual however those visions don’t always connect with the assembly.


One could argue that it’s the talents obligation to align with payee no matter what because they are the bank. Others say that if you want to keep the company you need to rock with the flock, especially in cases where DJs work with promoters. A client may have a certain theme in mind for a party so they want the DJ to only play certain songs within the boundary of the theme but sometimes the crowd just isn’t feeling it. As a DJ there is already so much pressure to “hype the party up” and keep everyone dancing, so at times we need to use our professional judgement to make an educated decision to rock on. Depending on the client and/or situation you may want to consult with your event contact first before deviating from the plan but in most cases once they say the party people having a great time everything thing will be Just Fine. 

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