10 Tips To Keep Your Mac Intact

  1. Get Some Protection (Cushioned Laptop bag and Macbook Cover or Case)
  2. Pay attention to where you have your Laptop located. (Stay away from heavy traffic or drop areas and make sure that your charging cable is properly stowed)
  3. Fragile… Handle with Care, don’t just toss your laptop in the car on the seat or floor. (Treat your Macbook like it is precious cargo at all times)
  4. Do not leave your mac unattended. (Always keep your equipment well guarded)
  5. Don’t play in areas where your laptop could be exposed to liquids or moisture. 
  6. Keep your hands clean, Dirty keyboards result in Non-Functioning keyboards.
  7. Keep you Mac updated atleast within the realm of your DJing needs.
  8. Pay attention to how your MacBook responds & performs, never prolong any existing issue.
  9. Don’t overuse your mac, remember everything has a limit! Don’t think that your i5 8gb machine can do what an i7 16gb can do.

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