Black Owned Wireless Speaker System Is One Of A Kind

Cable management is often one of the most daunting tasks for DJs and anyone who works in the professional sound field. Depending on the scale of the event, there may be thousands of feet of cable that needs to be unraveled for set up and then wrapped up again for breakdown. This is time consuming and unhygienic when you think about how many surfaces the cables may have touched. It is also expensive! The cost of cables quickly add up and we all know cables go bad with general wear and tear.

Audios has patented technology that allows the speakers to build their own network automatically and connect to it to communicate amongst it. This groundbreaking technology provides a latency of only 10-80ms and allows you to connect up to 16 individuals speakers to your network.

Bluetooth technology already allows speaker systems to receive audio however they often have latency and reliability issues that most experts warn against using in a professional setting. Using WiFi is another means to connect speakers wirelessly, but again you need to have a very reliable internet connection for the data to travel over.

Audios brings portability and functionality to new levels with their battery powered wireless speaker. With two battery ports, you can swap in fresh batteries while the speaker is still active. Dependent on the power mode, each speaker will last between 3 and 10 hours on a single charge.

Audios is currently in an open investor period which means until February 14th, you, yes you can invest in a ground breaking product for music professionals. All it takes is $100 to invest in Audios and so far they have outperformed their minimum goal by 609%! Investors include Charles Huang, Co-Creator of Guitar Hero and Audios has 2 patents granted, 1 patent pending, 3 patents awaiting submission. They are COVID-19 friendly with fewer things to touch and great for social distancing events because of its 100ft range between speakers.

Audios has partnerships established in Miami and Las Vegas and is ready to go through manufacturing/production processes. With $300k+ raised to date and 1000+ investors, Audios is something to be excited about! If you would like to learn more about Audios and/or invest, click here.

It’s important to support the black inventor and entrepreneur, history has overlooked the important contributions from the black community far too often from the traffic light to the home security system and more. Let’s celebrate our black thinkers and give them the attention they deserve. Share this article and invest in something really cool!

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