After Decades Of Influential Music 2021 Says Goodbye To Daft Punk

What did you think of Daft Punk’s 7:57 Epilogue Video? What do you think is next for this Dynamic Parisian Duo?

Daft Punk’s longtime publicist Kathryn Frazier confirmed that the french music duo has broken up and the 7:57 Epilogue video represents their statement on the surprising split. The enigmatic video ends with an image of one silver & one gold hand in the shape of a triangle over the years 1993-2021 as a sunset blazes to the sound of their song “Touch” from what would be Daft Punk’s final album, Random Access Memories. It seems as if emotional fans worldwide were left devistated & stunned by the split but also extremely grateful to have been inspired by their timeless tunes.

French producers Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and  Thomas Bangalter broke down barriers & scaled to new heights of electronic music in the late 1990’s during the French House Movement. Their signature sound that blends funky pop vibes with synth-pop, a splash of hip-hop, and hints of house & rock captivated fans around the globe with hits like: One More TimeGet LuckyDa FunkHarder Better FasterTouch It (Technologic)Robot Rock (Oh Yeah)Loose Yourself to DanceDigital LoveAround the World, & many more. Daft Punk is said to be considered one of the most influential electronic acts of all time. Although no reason has been disclosed for the retirement of the French dance duo, they will surely be missed and remembered for their computerized vocals, groovy beats, & robot headgear.  Best wishes to the artists formerly know as “The Robots“, we’re all looking forward to seeing & hearing what the future holds for these tastemakers.

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