A DJs Guide to Networking

Your network is your net worth is a phrase that speaks volumes on many levels. The best of the best in their respective fields all have had a strong presence of supporters, motivators, investors and people to pick them up after tough fall. Surrounding yourself with positive and like minded individuals will help push your career in the direction you aspire it to be. Below are some guidelines to assist in building not just a large network, but an efficient one.

  • Making people aware of your goals will allow them to support you in ways you may not even be aware of. Let everyone you know, know that you want to DJ at next years local music festival. Yes you may receive some naysayers and some “no’s”, but if you haven’t asked then the answer is already a “no”. It may be your best friend, or the husband of your cousin’s boss that knows someone that works the festival and that just may be the foot in the door that changes everything.
  • Search for groups and meet ups of likeminded people. Whether you are a battle  or wedding DJ, a gear junkie or a vinyl collector, you are definitely not the only one. Facebook is a pretty useful resource when it comes to locating groups, simply type in some key words such as “Vinyl Collector” and see what appears. Next you need be proactive in engaging within the group and that does not necessarily mean mean showing off all of your rare records. Listen, observe and enjoy what others have to say. Inquire about meet ups or offer to host one. A mesh of great ideas and opportunities always arise when you have people together that are riding the same creative wave.
  • Networking events are a great opportunity to meet people within and outside of your respective field. There are a lot of components to DJing and sometimes the DJ is not the best person to get the job done. You may be great at mixing, but maybe you could use some help writing your next bio, or putting together a personal flyer for the local music festival you are performing at. Maybe a videographer needs some music remixed and you can exchange a service for a service. There are endless possibilities if you take the initiative to explore them.
  • Follow up with your network and keep them in the loop with any new projects or ideas you may have. Check in and see what new projects and ideas they may be working on and offer any support or assistance that you can. It may be something easy for you such as editing a song, that could save a colleague a lot of stress. We all get very busy sometimes, but the ones that excel will consistently tap into their network of resources. If you are a forgetful one, add follow up phone calls to your calendar. It may seem robotic at first, but it is a visual reminder to reconnect.

What are some networking successes you have experienced? Leave it in the comments!

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