TJ Autoreverse Has A New Way To DJ … And It Might Catch On

guess I should have kept my old Sony Walkman … and all my cassette tapes … because it looks like it’s all coming back in style.
The truth is that it’s really easy to think that the latest technology is always the best. And, truth be told, it usually is. But that’s not to say that older technology is worthless. The turntable is a good case in point. DJs didn’t completely stop using it when digital music became the norm. It continued to hold its place.
There’s been talk that cassette tapes were making a comeback among DJs. But there really wasn’t what you might call a strong resurgence. I’m sure there are DJs out there who are using that technology to their advantage. If that’s you, let us know how you use cassettes in your sets and why you like them.
TJ Autoreverse (aka Lorenzo Charlez) is a Spanish DJ who has made a name for himself not only because he’s a great DJ, but because he exclusively uses cassette tapes and Walkmans for his shows. By the way, the TJ stands for Tape Jockey. So, why does he prefer tapes over digital technology? He says the sound is better.
Watch Charlez do his thing in the video below courtesy of The Walkman Archive.


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