Tip For DJs On How To Create A Podcast

Most of us work really hard to promote ourselves and keep our skills up to date. Neither of those are particularly easy. Like any small business owner, you have to become an expert in a lot of different areas of the DJ industry and business in general to be successful. For most of us, that’s quite a learning curve.

So, to make the process a bit easier, we put together useful tips on how to manage all the different tasks you have to deal with so you can be successful. Take some time to brush up on the basics, learn something new, and think about what else you need to know. Let us know about any questions you have about any aspect of being a DJ or running a business. We’ll put together an answer for you.

How to produce a podcast for DJs:

Zero To Hero, Part 10: How To Turn Your Mixtapes Into A DJ/Producer Podcast

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