The Best DJ Controllers For Beginners

So, you wanna be a DJ. But, your wallet’s a little light. How can you possibly launch a DJ career when practically every essential part of that job requires equipment?
The first rule is to never believe that the most expensive equipment is the best. Sure, sometimes it is. But, if you’re just starting out, you probably don’t need that high end stuff just yet (or maybe, ever). You do, however, need the equipment that works best for you. Whatever you do, avoid these mistakes.
See if you can rent pieces produced by different companies before you plunk down the money to buy it. By doing that, you have some time to play around with it, get used to it, and decide whether it’s the best DJ equipment for you. There’s no point spending a pile of money on a mixer (as an example) that you just can’t get used to.
DJ Tech Tools has put together a list of DJ controllers that come in under $400. These might not be the cream of the crop. But, they will be great for the beginner DJ. Check out the list here.

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