The B-Boys

DJ Chuck Chillout
Donald D
Brother B

The B-boys hail from the Bronx, New York. Their best known record is “Rock The House” which has been sampled on just about every early cut and paste jam. “2 3 break” and “Cuttin Herbie” were two equally good scratch instrumentals displaying the turntable finesse of Chuck Chillout.  “2 3 break” was one of the first records to cut up the well known “Rocket in the pocket” break by Cerrone.  All of these tracks were released on Vintertainment records in 1983. 1985 saw their return with “Stick Up Kid” and “Girls” and “Girls Part 2”. Chuck Chillout worked with Run DMC on the “King of Rock” LP primarily on the cut “Daryll & Joe”.

Chuck Chillout went on to host a NY rap show in 1984 on 98.7 KISS FM doing the friday and saturday nights mastermix dance parties.  In the mid 80’s he putt out a solo record on Vintertainment called “Hip Hop On Wax Part 1”. This release was part of a three part series.  Part 2 was by Kool DJ Red Alert and Part 3 was by DJ Born Supreme Allah (who also made “2,3 Break Pt 2” in 1985).  Chuck also put out an album in 1989 called “The Masters of Rhythm” with Kool Chip on Mercury Records which featured “Rhythm is the Master”, “No DJ Like Chuck” and “I’m Large”. he is also credited with mixing Public Enemy’s “Night of the Living Baseheads”.  He was also known as DJ Steel of Steel Productions.

Donald D was a solo artist for a few years affiliated with Ice T’s west coast Rhyme Syndicate putting out two albums.  The first one of which was called “Notorious” in 1990. He also did a cameo on Ice T’s album “Power”.  He currently resides in LA where he is working on “Girls Part 3” with Brother B. In 1995 Chuck Chillout released a single called “2-3 Break ’95” on Phat Wax with a vocal group he produced on the b side. He also discovered the hip hop group Black Moon. Chuck has a record pool in Newark (which was started in 1999) called Full Blast Record Pool and is working with a new upcoming artist named FT. NOX.

In addition, he has a show on XM radio Channel 66 Raw.

Check out “Rock the House”

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