Spotlight On “DMC World Champion” DJ Chris Karns

Who is DJ Chris Karns?!…. A Legendary TurntablistWorld ChampionProducer, Father, and More. He’s one of the world’s best most well-rounded DJ’s controlling the crowd with his seamless blend of multi-genre party rocking, live production, and slick turntable tricks. This Classic Man has built a resume that speaks for itself boasting headlining sets & tours worldwide, championships in the USA & World DMC, as well as, Redbull Thre3style battles, and starring on VH1’s Master of the Mix tv show. Chris Karns is the ultimate Battle DJ, I call him the “Steph Curry of DJs”. Check out the advice he gives to Battle DJs when we spoke about taking the right approach & how to prepare mentally & physically for a battle. It has been said by many that if you want to be great at something you must “Put In the Work” and Chris Karns agrees.

Chris Karns1 -wSmnKwez

things may come naturally but practicing & putting in the work behind closed doors is really what creates the platform for a great performance. You can even use your competitors as motivation and inspiration to perfect your sets. Listen to what this Champion has to say about DJ Craze and how to positively handle intimidation or getting called out to battle. Being a legendary turntablist like Mr. Karns doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work, passion, humility, and dedication. Always remember that while building your brand in addition to “putting in the work”,  you want to make sure that what you bring to the table is unique. Don’t forget to Focus on representing the artist you are in a manner that can’t be duplicated but inspires others to replicate it. Now is the Perfect Timing to start drumming to a different beat.

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