Old School Networking For DJs

The more we bury our noses in our phones, the less social we become. It sounds like something previous generations say about younger generations. It is true in some ways, though. We just aren’t as social as people once were. The problem is that it’s hurting us as DJs. There’s nothing like getting out and talking with other DJs and potential clients face-to-face. There’s a vibe that you just can’t get through a device.

Old school networking techniques are gold when it comes to improving your skills and finding gigs. Here’s what you should do:

  • Hang out at record store or music venue.
  • Join (or form) a group made up of local DJs.
  • Send your mixes to bloggers.
  • Go out to support other DJs.
  • Attention all Bermuda DJs…support, support, support!

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