Meet Ikea’s New DJ Gear

Now, Ikea really can claim to have every part of your life covered. Ok, they don’t sell clothes, but I’m sure that’s coming down the pipes at some point in the not so distant future.

In any case, Ikea’s latest contribution to our lives is DJ equipment. Yup, you read that right. The company has partnered with Teenage Engineering, and together they’re producing “a line of home DJ, audio and party equipment”

Soon you’ll be able to walk into any Ikea and search for Frekvens (that’s the Swedish word for “frequency”). You’ll find “a vinyl player, guitar, speaker and party lighting” and an electronic choir!

The big question is when all this home party DJing equipment will actually be available for purchase. The answer, however, is not yet. No word on even a projected release date. Oh, well. We’ll just keep checking.

Over to you: should Ikea stay out of the DJ industry or is this another step forward for home DJs.

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