DJing After Having Kids … Yes, It’s Possible!

This one’s for all of you DJs who are trying to grow your DJing careers despite the fact that you have kids. How hard is it? Is it even possible?

Your DJs friends (those who don’t have kids) might think that continuing to DJ after you have a family is pretty near impossible. But you know better, right? So, yes, continuing to DJ after you start a family is possible. It can even make DJing a lot more fun. But there are some ground rules you have to follow if you don’t plan on going insane.

First, make sure your partner supports you. Someone has to watch the kids while you’re out all night. Make sure you reciprocate. Otherwise you’re going to have a very resentful partner waiting for you at home.

Second, get your kids involved. Let them play around with your equipment and try their own hand a DJing. The two of you might make an awesome team one day.

Shout out to all of you who are working as DJs despite having kids. Let us know how you manage both!

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