Serato Adds Twitch Extension For Track ID

Serato has found many ways to support the DJ community by providing knowledge and useful resources that allow us to navigate entertaining during a pandemic. Many DJs have had to learn or brush up on multi-media editing for live streams. Serato has given streamers an alley-op by providing a free and fair use visual pack of backgrounds, DJ booths, GIFs and more which you can download here.

The next slam dunk comes in the form of a Twitch Extension that uses Serato Playlist to display the track ID of songs during your live sets. You can customize the color, location and size of the extension which works as an overlay right on top of your stream.

The first step is to enable “Serato Playlists” and “Live Playlists” in the Extensions Packs tab within Serato DJ Pro. You’ll then need to download the Serato Twitch Extension and configure the extension to your liking with colors, font sizes and placement. Once you have the extension to your liking, you will need to link Serato to the Twitch Extension. Copy the extension code and then head back over to Serato’s history and select “Start Live Playlist” which will prompt you to paste the extension code. The final step is to go to your creator dashboard in Twitch, locate the Extensions tab and activate your extension.

Serato Playlist’s ability to track songs that are played during your sets could answer a lot of legality questions from the record labels. Currently Twitch does not have licensing agreements with Sony or Warner Music Group which are seeking royalties per play. An extension such as this could lay down the path to providing clarity to both the record labels and the streamers by giving them tangible play counts for each respective track.

DJ Nick Spinelli does a great job of walking you through the set up of the Serato’s Twitch Extension below! Currently, Twitch Extension overlay’s are not supported via mobile devices. What other features do you think could help the live stream DJ community?

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