DJ Cavon Master Mix Hack 1 Vol 52


Another great old-school classic mix but this one has a lot of the classics… I know will enjoy this mix. Check out some of the jams of the mid 70’s – mid-’80s of some of the greatest old-school jams of yesteryear. I just love classic R&B so I am on a roll with throwback mix right now……Enjoy ya’ll.



I know it has been a while since I have done a new mix, to all my followers let me apologize, I have had a busy summer with a lot of gigs. But just for you listeners please this one is 3 hours long of all the banging jams of the 2000s and ’90s. Hip Hop R&B and hot remixes by myself and a couple of other cats I have been doing gags with this summer.. You will love it..Hey, I love you’ll like life so……Enjoy ya’ll. You can reward me by reposting for me please that’s all I ask. Thank you very much in advance. Hit me up at for downloads as well. Peace
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