Finally Found A Good Radio Station To Listen To !

Tonight I was just chilling and didn’t really have no plans, I went out for a drink after a hard days work and just reach home and had some idle time so I made use with it. I decided that I will just chill, so I went to surf the internet to find a radio station that played new slow jams, with just a few old school jams alongside them…. you know just to switch things up a little bit. But you know how it goes I tried a few stations and they screwed it up, so guess what I couldn’t find the station for me. Then finally when i found a station that might work they played to many commercials and it took me out of my zone and what I was feeling for, so I decided I will do it myself…f**k the radio stations, I can do better myself. And this it the ending result of that on this new school / with a touch of old school. 3 1/2 of non stop hot slow jams, done the right way!!

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